About the Company

Mission Statement
Coolants Plus Inc. will continue to fight for every current and new customer. We will never feel comfortable and assume the privilege of their business. We will always treat our customers as though we just opened our doors. We only exist because of them and for them.

Coolants Plus, Inc. only sells to and works for you the distributor. We are your supplier, not your competition. If we can't save you money, we do not deserve your business! STOP looking for Lubricants, Antifreeze, Mineral Spirits, and Chemicals on your own. Contact Coolants Plus, Inc. We can supply all of these products for you at extremely competitive prices. Any quantity shipped directly to you. Featuring a complete line of Lubricants, Antifreeze, Additives, Mineral Spirits, Chemicals and Windshield Wiper Fluid. We can find any product you need with just a phone call. We carry house brand products that offer you, the distributor, top quality products at an extremely low cost compared with major brands.

Distribution Warehouse for package goods

2570 Van Hook Ave.
Hamilton, OH 45015

Why Choose Our Lubricant and Coolant Supply Company?

Coolants Plus are professional lubricant and coolant suppliers,dedicated to providing products that save you money. We provide responsiveness and great customer service to all of our customers.

Located in Hamilton, Ohio, Coolants Plus has a 106,000 square foot state of the art facility with multiple dock space for truck and bulk transport transportation, 24-hour responsiveness, and an extensive warehouse inventory.

As lubricant and coolant suppliers, we serve businesses around the nation. Our standard office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. We will always come in early and stay late for our customers.

If you're in the industrial or automotive industry looking for a lubricant and coolant supplier that helps you find what you need when you need it, we're here to serve you.

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