Time for an Oil Change: A Brief Look at Transformer Maintenance

Electricity is a huge part of our lives. We use electricity in our homes and our businesses every single day. It would be hard to do anything without it. At home, we generally have appliances that use lower voltages of electricity while some businesses use higher voltage power to run big machines.

What are Power Transformers?

A big issue for maintaining our electrical supply is storing it and distributing it as needed. Power transformers help a great deal with this issue. A transformer is a device that stores the electricity in it and transforms electric from one voltage to another. Having a transformer is a necessity because there are many different voltages used daily by the appliances we have in our homes and businesses. In order for a power transformer to provide a reliable and efficient electrical supply it is necessary to maintain the transformer with routine service.

Oil Testing for Transformers

One of the major services a power transformer needs is oil testing. Transformer oil serves as a coolant in the transformer. The natural processes in the transformer allow it to cool using the oil as insulation in the unit. Proper cooling of the transformer prevents overheating and fires.

However, throughout the operation of the transformer, the chemical properties of the transformer oil change makes it less effective, increasing the probability of fire damage. In order to extend the efficiency of the power transformer, the oil must be monitored on a regular basis. In addition, oil for transformers should be obtained from only authorized industrial lubricant suppliers.

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