Coolants Plus Line Card of Products and Services

At Coolants Plus, we have a full line of products and services of industrial lubricants and chemicals. We are proud to supply brand name products and our premium house brand, Starfire. We know our customers. Distributors, like you, want to save time and money. That’s why we offer one-stop service. If you need a product or service, and we don’t have it, we call our network and find it for you. See our line card below for our products and service listings. We also have a full catalog of our premium house brand of Starfire products.

Antifreeze Auto and Truck: Pure Flow/Pure Fleet Coolants Plus Concentrate, Coolants Plus Premix, Dexcool, Ethylene Glycol, Precharged SCA, Propylene Glycol, RV Antifreeze, Shellzone, Texaco

Antifreeze Industrial: Boiler Line Antifreeze

Chemicals: Please call 888-258-8723 for a complete Chemical List - we carry EVERYTHING. We carry All Chemicals, please call for a list.

Cleaners: Coolants Plus Asphalt Remover, Coolants Plus Floor Cleaner, Coolants Plus Glass Cleaner, Coolants Plus Hand Cleaner, Coolants Plus Hand Primer, Coolants Plus Machine Cleaner, Coolants Plus Safety Solvent, Coolants Plus Stripper, Coolants Plus Truck Wash

Diesel and Fuel Additives: Don't miss our HOUSE BRAND products, Ice Guard Treat and Go and StarFire Premium Summer Additives. Coolants Plus All Season Premium Diesel Guard, Ice Guard Treat and Go, Powerservice, StarFire Premium Summer Additives, STP

Ice Melt: Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Peladow, Road Runner, Urea

Lube Tanks and Equipment: We offer a full line of tanks and equipment. Custom tanks built for every application. 275-330 gallon totes. 275/330 gallon Totes, Double Wall Tanks, Drum Pumps, Fuel Tank Pumps, Grease Sets, Single Wall Tanks, Skid Tanks, UL145 Diesel Fuel Tanks, UL2085 Fire Proof Fuel Tanks

Lubricant Testing and Analysis: We tailor all our testing programs to meet your special needs. Analysis Interpretation Service, Analysis Summary Service, Test Kits

Lubricants: Don't miss our HOUSE BRAND product, Starfire Premium Lubricant, Ashland, Castrol, Cruisemaster, Exxon, Kendall, Marathon, Mobil, Multiguard, Pennzoil, Pyroil, Quaker State, Royal Purple, Royco, Shell, Super S, Valvoline, Wolf's Head

Methanol and Racing Fuel: 76 Racing Fuel, Citgo, Methanol, Royal Purple Racing Lubes, Sunoco, Torco Racing Fuel

Mineral Spirits: We have the lowest MINERAL SPIRIT pricing. Whether you need drums or bulk, call us now and start saving today. Lacquer Thinner, Non-Exempt, Odorless, Regular, Rule 66

Refrigerants: All refrigerants come in 30 lb. Cylinders or cases of cans Freeze 12, R-12, R-134a, R-22

Specialty Products: Biocides, Cetane Improver, Concrete Cleaner with Pine, Degreasers, Dust Controller, Eagle One Car Care Products, Full CRC Product Line, Full Gunk Product Line, Full Pyroil Product Line, Octane Enhancer, Penetrating Oils, Thermoguard

Windshield Wiper Fluid: Windshield Wiper Concentrate, Windshield Wiper Premix

Coolants Plus: Industrial Lubricant and Chemical Supplier Guarantee

Contact Coolants Plus to find what you need in one stop. Our goal, as industrial lubricant and chemical suppliers, is to help you finally have a dependable company to call on when you need lubricants, coolants, and chemicals.

Contact Us: “We can locate any product you need”.

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