Automotive Chemical and Coolant Suppliers
Chemical and Antifreeze Suppliers USA

Antifreeze - Bulk, Drums, Cases

  • Auto/Truck/Marine/RV
  • Pure Flo Bulk Chemical Suppliers Company Pureflo Conc or 50/50
  • Pure Fleet Automotive Chemical Suppliers for Antifreeze Purefleet-Heavy Duty
  • Conventional
  • Dexcool
  • All Makes – All Models
  • ELC Heavy Duty
  • Precharged Heavy Duty
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Ethylene Glycol
  • Low Tox

Branded Antifreeze
  • Shellzone
  • Dexcool – All Major Brands
  • Peak
  • Prime
  • Prestone
  • Chevron – Texaco
  • Zerex

Marine/RV Antifreeze
  • -50/ -100 / -200

Heat Transfer Fluids-

Coolants Plus is an antifreeze supplier for distributors in the automotive and industrial industries. As your automotive and industrial chemical supply company, we take the hassle out of finding lubricants, antifreeze, chemicals and more. We make sure to have what you need when you need it or we'll work to find it for you. If you're ready to make us your USA chemical suppliers, contact us and let's get started.