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Waylube, Bar & Chain

Waylubes is the ideal way to lubricate those metal surfaces to reduce the friction, wear and tear, increasing production and life of the item. It has a unique formula of wetting agents and additives that allows the metal to operate and rub against each other without causing damage. It is ideal for bicycles, chainsaw and other like items as its anti-wear qualities prevents the erosion of the metal items, extending their life and productivity.

With its specifically formulated lubrication and rust prevention qualities, it is very beneficial to use on machinery that slides back and forth from a central lubricating system. Its adhesive agents is so sticky, it allows it to cling on metal surfaces better than other oils and lubricants even when operating. This is why Waylubes is great for components such as headstock, worm gears, lightly loaded gears and translating screws. The fluid also has a long lifespan, which in return allows a longer coolant life and less maintenance on the system.

With Waylubes Oil, you will not have the bacteria growth in coolant and the trapped oil is easily removed because it can be separated from the coolant. This allows it to be skimmed off if needed. With all these qualities, you can't go wrong making it your primary lubricant in your industrial or home setting.

Packaging available:

  • Cases
  • Pails
  • Drums
  • Totes
  • Bulk deliveries (100-6800 gallons)

Waylube Industrial Lubricant Company Saving You Money

Contact us today to see how we can start saving you money! We are an industrial lubricant company that serves as distributors of bulk lubricant to industrial grease suppliers. It is our goal to provide you with savings, responsiveness and great customer service.

We offer all major brands, as well as our cost savings Starfire house brand.

Brands We Carry:

  • Shell
  • Pennzoil
  • Quaker State
  • Cam2
  • Exxon
  • Mobil
  • Royal Purple
  • Chevron
  • Citgo
  • Havoline
  • Mystic
  • Castrol
  • Conoco
  • Phillips 66
  • Kendall
  • 76 Brand
  • Lucas
  • Brad Penn
  • Spectrol
  • Super S
  • Sunoco
  • Marathon
  • Motorcraft
  • Valvoline

Exclusive Cost-Saving Starfire House Brand:

Starfire lubricants are premium quality products, which meet the same specs as branded products, at a significant savings.

Coolants Plus, Inc. has the conventional gear oil that suits your application.

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Contact industrial grease suppliers, Coolants Plus, for waylube grease. We work for you, the distributor, as your supplier. Our industrial lubricant company has a solid reputation in helping you find what you need with fast, responsive service, friendly and professional staff who help you save money. We carry brand name products as well as our house brand, Starfire.

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