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Coolants Plus, Inc. gives motor oil suppliers a way to reduce costs through our Starfire blend of base oils. Our high performance base oils provide quality, reliable engine oils and lubricants for any application.

Our wholesale and bulk base oils are available to you when you need them. If you don’t see what you want, just call us. We can get anything your application requires!

About Base Oils:
Base oils are available to reduce friction and wear on moving parts by keeping them separated. The barrier they form includes a layer that keeps the parts from rubbing together. Whether your application is for automotive, industrial, marine, or machinery, Coolants Plus, Inc. base oil lubricants using our house brand, Starfire, will help you save money with a quality, high performance product.

Packaging available:

  • Cases
  • Pails
  • Drums
  • Totes
  • Bulk deliveries (100-6800 gallons)

Base Motor Oil Suppliers Saving You Money

Contact us today to see how we can start saving you money! We are bulk motor oil distributors with the mission to provide automotive chemical suppliers with savings, responsiveness, and great customer service.

We offer all major brands, as well as our cost savings Starfire house brand.

Brands We Carry: (Partial listing)

  • Starfire Base Oil 70N
  • Starfire Base Oil 80N
  • Starfire Base Oil 110N
  • Starfire Base Oil 150N
  • Starfire Base Oil 225N
  • Starfire Base Oil 600N
Starfire Group Viscosity Index Saturates Sulphur in % Description
I 80-120 <90% >0.03% Conventional (Solvents)
II 80-120 >= 90% <= 0.03% Hydro processing required
III >120 >= 90% <= 0.03% Requires severe Hydro processing, often special feed stock's
IV - Polyphaolefins (PAO)
V - All other base stocks not in Group I - IV including other synthetics

Exclusive Cost-Saving Starfire House Brand:

Starfire lubricants are premium quality products, which meet the same specs as branded products, at significant savings.

Whether it’s conventional, Synthetic Blend, Full-Synthetic, Dexos1™, Heavy Duty Diesel, Non-Detergent, 2-cycle/4-cycle, or Marine, Coolants Plus, Inc. has the motor oil that suits your specifications.

Contact Automotive Chemical Suppliers, Coolants Plus

Coolants Plus serves you, the distributor, as your automotive chemical supplier. As suppliers, we work for you to find what you need, not as your competitor. We carry brand-name chemicals as well as our manufactured brand, Starfire.