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Top 5 Uses of Propylene Glycol

The compound of propylene glycol is a liquid. It has an almost non-detectable odor. This compound can be mixed with a wide variety of other liquids, including organics.

Different Application Uses for Propylene Glycol

Here are many different applications for propylene glycol. The top uses include:

  • Antifreeze

  • Deicing Fluid

  • Hydraulic Fluid

  • Tobacco Products

  • Cosmetics

  • Foods

Antifreeze Agent

As an antifreeze agent, this compound has the ability to lower the freezing point. It also has a very low level of toxicity. Mixed with water it remains effective in lowering freezing points as well as being an effective agent in preventing corrosion.

De-Icing Fluid

These are also reasons why propylene glycol suppliers use it as a de-icing fluid. Sprayed on the wings of airplanes, it prevents the formation and buildup of ice on them. Many have also been known to use it in automotive applications for windshields in lower temps.

Hydraulic Fluid

Glycol can also prevent the swelling of rubber components. This makes it useful in the application of hydraulic fluid.

Food Grade Level

A food-grade level of glycol is also found in many tobacco applications (like vaporizers) as well as in humidors. This food grade level solvent is also quite useful in food applications as a preservative, and in helping to make commercial breeds firmer and stay fresh longer.


In cosmetics, it also acts as a preservative and elongates the shelf life of cold creams and ointments. Found in many common products like toothpaste it is an invaluable compound.